Cocktails in Portland

I neglected to post my account of cocktailing in Portland in June, and figure I should explain why I am always so excited to go back and/or move there. The cocktail scene is vibrant and thriving, and my favorite detail is that bars are required to serve food (a minimum of 6 hot dishes) by […]

Homemade Hot Sauce

House-made hot sauce is a great thing to have on hand for seasoning food and cocktails, and it couldn’t be easier to make. The spicy vinegar byproduct of the process is worth preserving for other uses, which I will get into tomorrow. Homemade Hot Sauce spicy peppers kosher salt white vinegar This recipe has no […]

Bourbon Coke Float

It’s getting hot out there (but not here; SF always gets colder during summer).  The Bourbon Coke Float is a great way to cool off and forget about the heat.  Mexican coke is preferred because of its real cane sugar and a lighter, spicier bourbon like Elmer T. Lee or Blanton’s with orange bitters adds […]

Bourbon Cream Puffs

I don’t bake, but I had some down time last week, and nothing to amuse me but the contents of my pantry… and bar. It may sound fancy, but profiteroles are easy to make pastry shells.  It’s just milk, butter, flour and salt, cooked briefly, mixed with eggs and sugar and baked.  A monkey could […]

Campari Frozen Yogurt

Continuing with my Vice Cream endeavor, I made a homemade fro-yo in the tangy Pinkberry-style, flavored with Campari, the bitter Italian apéritif, and fresh squeezed blood orange juice to get great color, and a flavor that starts off sweet and ends on a clean, lightly bitter note. Campari Frozen Yogurt 1 24-ounce tub of Greek […]

Magical Mixer: Gastrique

The gastrique is a traditional French sauce, and a superbly simple way to incorporate acidity along with sweetness and even herbal flavors into a cocktail all at once.  It’s made by reducing sugar and fruit with vinegar to form a syrup, essentially sweet and sour sauce (and now I’m pondering making a cocktail with sweet […]