Booze Flash

In their monthly newsletter today, St. George Spirits announced the launch of their new website.  Cringing with fear, I clicked over to discover a site that was cleanly designed, thoughtful, and loaded in an instant, which leads me back to a question that has been bothering me for months: Why must so many alcohol brands […]

Fruit Juice Caviar

Molecular mixology was all the rage at Tales of the Cocktail this year.  It was like nobody there had turned on the Food Network in the past 3 years, because this stuff is old news in the culinary world.  I actually went to a seminar called “Mixologists and their Toys” where two of the three […]

Homemade Cocktail Ingredients and Infusion Tips

For years I’ve been making cocktail ingredients at home. I’ve mentioned some favorite infusions and liqueurs, including roasted ginger vodka, chipotle tequila, firewater, pumpkin pie spiced rum and kumquatcello, but I have also been making sweeteners, including grenadine, flavored syrups and marmalades, and novelties like dried bing cherries reconstituted in port.  I’ve been wanting to […]