Out of the blue a few weeks ago, Jonas asked me to bartend with him at BlogHer Food, an event for female food writers in San Francisco.  How could I say no?

That Tuesday night, my intern, Margot was reading to me from a Nabokov novel (don’t ask, just accept it), as I toiled with rocks glasses, infusions and pipettes.  She paused  patiently for me to shake, and diligently sampled and critiqued each extraction and derivative.

Thankfully, we were sponsored by the good people at Don Q Rum, the top selling rum in Puerto Rico, which until recently, nobody in the states seemed to know about.  I used the silver to make my tropical infusion, the Goaticopter, and the gold rum as the base for the drink. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

Photo lifted from thisweekfordinner.com. That's me bartending on the bottom left.

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