Booze Flash

In their monthly newsletter today, St. George Spirits announced the launch of their new website.  Cringing with fear, I clicked over to discover a site that was cleanly designed, thoughtful, and loaded in an instant, which leads me back to a question that has been bothering me for months:

Why must so many alcohol brands have such horrible Flash-based websites?

Welcome to the 21st century!  How about some good content that is easy to navigate?  What about creating a community for interaction and user created content?  How about a site that isn’t so slow that I close the browser window before it ever loads, or that loads at all on my phone, which is how so many of us access the web these days.

Who does the digital marketing strategies for liquor companies, and how have they gotten away with such crap for so long?

Thank you St. George for bucking a bad trend.

Your thoughts?  Who are the worst offenders?  Who has a great site (Flash or non-Flash)?

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