Beer Salt

The most fascinating new product at this year’s Winter Fancy Food Show (at least from the drinking persective), is apparently a quarter-century old, but I hadn’t heard of it until a December.   I was planning another peaceful New Year’s eve in Manhattan at Death and Company, when a friend called to suggest that I […]

Five Dollar Shake

In my home town, there’s a rural hipster cafe where they serve a delightful little concoction called the $5 Shake. It goes something like this: $5Shake 16 ounces imperial stout, like Otter Creek Imerial Russian Stout 1.5 ounces espresso 1/2 ounce pure Vermont maple syrup Combine all ingredients in an imperial pint glass, stirring gently.

Beer Pairing

Wine was a four-letter word Sunday morning, which I spent at the SFChefs.Food.Wine beer pairing boot camp with Beer Chef Bruce Paton and City Beer Store owner Craig Wathen.  I would have liked a few hard and fast rules, but there doesn’t seem to be a simple formula for matching food with beer. The gist […]