Ice Cream Bar Pairings

Ice Cream Bar (815 Cole St. at Frederick), a throwback to the 1930’s soda fountain/ice cream parlor is just about to open in Cole Valley, and while the ice cream sundaes deserve their own write-up, the soda program from Texas/Rickhouse barman Russell Davis is mind-boggling. Everything on the menu is reconstructed from century-old recipes. More […]

St. George’s New Gins (& The Best Place To Taste Them)

My favorite mad scientists, the fine distillers at St. George Spirits have just released their first gin… and their second… and their third.  This delectable trio of new gins is incredibly diverse and unique. When I mentioned the endeavor in an article earlier this year, master distiller Lance Winters only described what would become the […]

Gunpowder Test

In the 18th and 19th centuries, when the British Royal Navy rationed rum to mariners, it wasn’t Bacardi Gold. This stuff had to be fiery enough to fend off the elements, so to ensure their booze wasn’t being watered down, seamen would perform the gunpowder test by dousing a pile of gunpowder with rum, touching […]

UrbanDig it

Sometimes I forget that there are at least three of you who aren’t my Facebook friends, and thus probably haven’t heard from me about UrbanDig. It’s a fantastic, free  iPhone app (Android coming soon) that supplies very specific urban tours. Rather than digging around on Yelp, trying to figure out where to go, you can […]