Cranberry Bitters for Thanksgiving and Christmas Cocktails

Problem: too much Beaujolais at family Thanksgiving last year, and too few cocktails. Solution: homemade cranberry bitters to craft some festive holiday drinks. The holiday season – and the stress that comes with it – are nearly upon us, so most of the instructions in this recipe involve hitting ingredients with a hammer or jabbing them […]

Ice Cream Bar Pairings

Ice Cream Bar (815 Cole St. at Frederick), a throwback to the 1930’s soda fountain/ice cream parlor is just about to open in Cole Valley, and while the ice cream sundaes deserve their own write-up, the soda program from Texas/Rickhouse barman Russell Davis is mind-boggling. Everything on the menu is reconstructed from century-old recipes. More […]

Aromatic Garnish

Last week I attended a tasting for Bloom Gin, a floral London Dry from the world’s only female master gin distiller (update: or so they claim. See Chad’s comment below), which is about to launch in the US.  Among a flight of  cocktails, there was something simple yet remarkable. The Bloom G+T was garnished with […]

Homemade Bitters

I’m setting out to divine my own recipes for cocktail bitters, so the first logical step was to start with a standard, traditional recipe before branching out to make my own magical concoctions. I have plans for a batch of smoked lemon bitters, and maybe some barrel aged banana bitters for tropical tiki drinks, so […]

Maraschino Cherries

The florescent pink orbs you find in jars at the supermarket are an affront to the proper cocktail. Rather than buying “maraschino cherries” from your grocer, buy firm, fresh cherries when they are in season, or a bag of dried bing cherries if you are too late, and then soak them in booze. Maraschino liqueur […]