Ginger Infused Vodka

“The ultimate addition to lemonade on a hot day, or a glass of ginger ale when you are under the weather.” All the recipes I’ve found are raw root, but roasting ginger makes for a superior infused vodka.  It’s great in any number of cocktails (heat up a Cosmo or give the Moscow Mule an […]

Fix That Drink

If you throw together a cocktail at home and aren’t thrilled with the result, take a tip from the kitchen. Rather than tossing it out and starting over, take a sip of your experimental concoction and ponder what it needs. When making food, and your dish needs something, there’s a simple system: Bland? Add salt, […]

Ginger Mango-Rita

September is unseasonably warm in San Francisco, justifying the occasional tropical, blended drink.  I was reminded by an old friend who came to visit last week, that I once seduced her with a frosty batch of frozen ginger mango margaritas. Serves: 1 Don’t bother making a half recipe. You will regret it when you run […]

BLTini: Bestialized Little Tipple

Inspired by the Carnivorous Cocktails seminar at Tales of the Cocktail, I started Sunday brunch with the BLTini, a sandwich in a glass. I like my BLTs on potato bread, so I opted for vodka over gin, squeezed the bejeezus out of a gorgeous heirloom tomato, then decided that lettuce was lame and so opted […]

Ramos Fizz

After stealing two sips of a friend’s Ramos Gin Fizz at Rickhouse, I wanted to make my own.  It’s one of those drinks that you don’t order just anywhere and it’s rarely worth the effort to make unless you are really trying to impress someone. Ramos Fizz 2 ounces Hayman’s Old Tom gin 1 egg […]