Cocktails in SF – Easy as ABC

ABC and the 3 Rs.  People always ask where they can get the best cocktails in San Francisco, and rather than rack my brain trying to come up with my top five or ten every time I’m queried, I devised this mnemonic device:

Some of the best cocktails in San Francisco can be found at ABC and the 3Rs:

A- Alembic (1725 Haight Street)

B- Bourbon and Branch (501 Jones Street)

C- Cantina (580 Sutter Street)

R1- Rickhouse (246 Kearny Street)

R2- Rye (688 Geary Street)

R3- 15 Romolo (15 Romolo Place)

View ABC and the 3Rs in a larger map

I realize this is a hotly disputed topic. Feel free to nominate your favorite SF Cocktail spots in the comments section. Extra points if you fit them into a mnemonic device.

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  1. I think this is a good list, mostly because I gave you a much larger one to select from when you were compiling.
    In other words, I agree. Though. . . I haven’t been to Alembic for a cocktail in ages.

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