Drinker’s Dictionary Volume 2 (Your Input Is Needed)



One of my most popular posts (thanks, Reddit) and the best-selling item in my Etsy Store are both based on Ben Franklin’s compendium of words and phrases meaning drunk, The Drinker’s Dictionary.

Now, more than 275 years after he published it, it’s time for an update. so I’m compiling the best contemporary terms for “drunk”.

I will publish it here, and etch it into another decanter, to make a matching set with the original.

Add your favorites in the comments box below, and one randomly selected contribution that makes it into the final piece, will earn the contributor a free set of Drinker’s Dictionary Decanters.

Note: depending on submissions, I may exclude profanity from the final list. After all, we want this to be family-friendly list of terms for getting effed-up. If there are a lot of unique, profane and obscene submissions, that may just necessitate me making a third volume, in which case, one of you shit-faced shit-talkers will also get a free set.

B – Bashed, Basted, Besotted, Blitzed, Blotto, Bombed, Boozed up, Buzzed…

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  1. toasty, cockeyed, four to the floor, having the whirlygigs, lit like a Christmas tree, kippered, Moulin Rouged, off yer pickle, potted, under the weather, zonked

  2. Trailered. My Irish friends used to say it. It means “drunk to the point of vomiting.”

  3. my favorite have always been the pormeanteau words that form a hybrid to describe a persons state of intoxication. I think that when you discover one of these you also discover a new state of drunkenness…
    slammed + hammered = slammered
    sloshed + plastered = sloshtered
    Shit-Faced + Blitzed = Shlitzed (In Milwaukee its spelled Schlitzed but carries same meaning)

  4. Trashed, pissed, legless, lashed, blind, out of your tree, blasted, wasted, wastey, *poop*faced, hammered, three sheets, blitzed, blotto, annihilated, tipsy, crocked, sloshed, feeling no pain, smashed, bent, besotted, bibulous (though that’s just excessively fond of drinking, which I am; but not drunk, so it may not count, but gosh I love that word) – why are so many of these b-words? Can we use foreign languages too? I’m a big fan of borracho. 🙂

  5. activate/activated


    get ignorant

    tuned up

    turnt up

    got wet

    Had an appt. with Dr. Unk

    white girl wasted

    balls to the wall



    get loose

    get weird




    brown out (forgetting some things, not everything when blacking out)

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