I spent some time this evening testing atomizers for their ability to squirt high-proof alcohol across a flame, which will likely void the warranty on your atomizer, in addition to being foolhardy and dangerous. It’s also a fun way to garnish a drink like the sazerac with a burst of flaming absinthe.

If I had a lawyer, I am sure she would tell me to say that this is for entertainment purposes only (the information, not the act of shooting fireballs, which is surely not at all entertaining), so don’t try this at home… at least not your own home.

My two favorites are on opposite ends of the spectrum:

The Gourmet Oil Sprayer from the Container Store costs 22 bucks, but you can pump up this glass cone to create a sustained jet, not unlike a flame-thrower.

Diaso, or the “Japanese Dollar Fifty Store” as I like to call it, sells a brushed aluminum sprayer (for $1.50 if that wasn’t obvious) that only gives one burst per pump, but emits a remarkably fine and large billow of boozey particles to make a rather impressive cloud of fire (see photo below).

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  1. A “large billow of boozey particles”? I shop there all the time and my only wish is to see them carry some of the more conventional bar tools. But if they did, I’m sure they’d apologize and recall for strumpeting on someone else’s turf. I suppose that’s why they carry tons of pencil led in 0.5 and 0.7 but no mechanical pencils in 0.5 barrel size. Perhaps a humble gesture?

    Great experiment.

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