Hangover Cure: pickles and coconuts

Clearly, anyone claiming they can cure a hangover is 1. trying to sell you something and 2. a bald-faced liar.

A hangover is primarily the result of dehydration. The simplest cure is to drink more water and less booze.

If it’s too late for that, rather than grabbing a packet of sketchy pills from the impulse buy counter at a gas station, try a more traditional morning-after reliever.

Pickle juice has been in the cocktail news lately, primarily as a chaser for Irish whiskey, known as the pickleback, but being high in electrolytes, pickle brine will also speed rehydration. Sure there are sports drinks and even water that are fortified with electrolytes, but where’s the fun in that?

If you want something a little more palatable on an uneasy stomach, coconut juice might be your answer.  Naturally sweet (so don’t buy a can with sugar added) the juice of the coconut is also high in electrolytes, as well as potassium.

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