I’ve been so busy developing new gizmos that I haven’t been posting much lately, so here’s a peak at my most recent project. Along with new decanters, including a set with quotes about the spirits they contain, and some DIY cocktail kits with etched bottles, I’ve been working more with wood.

Along with creating woodcut stamps to make fun packaging, I stumbled onto a great new concept. I’m turning rigid sheets of plywood into “koozies” that fit paper coffee cups and pint glasses of beer, to protect your delicate fingers from extreme temperatures. Still testing design and resiliency, but so far results are ├é┬áimpressive. If you’re in SF and want to be an alpha tester, take me out for a cup of coffee and I’ll give you a free cuff.




Note: Kerf-bending or “kerfing” is using the space created by a saw blade (called the kerf) or in this case, a laser, to create flexibility in an otherwise stiff material. The 1/4-inch plywood I am using for this project is remarkably inflexible, and yet once I’ve sliced it up, I can roll the whole thing up like it’s made of paper.

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  1. So really, these should be Kerf Kuffs or something, yes? Alliteration means you can charge an extra $3 per unit – scientific fact.

  2. I really like what you have done with the plywood.

    I have been testing the cuts on some plywood my self but haven’t actually get the right setting. can you share what is the gap between the cuts that work for the 1/4 in. plywood? or if there is a formula to adapt according to the thickness of the material you need to bend.

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