I’ve recently discovered the sweet and sour joy of Kombucha. So recently, that I had consumed less than one bottle before signing up for a workshop with local jewelry designer, Shana Astrachan in her Mission District shop. Shana was welcoming and informed, providing a great run-down of how to start making my own kombucha at home.

Kombucha is tangy carbonated drink from a millennia-old Chinese recipe for fermenting sweetened tea in the same way that wine is turned into vinegar,  which has recently gained a cult-like following stateside for it’s supposed health benefits.

It’s also marked up like movie theater popcorn, costing pennies to make and running about $4 for a 16 ounce bottle, so it was great to learn how easy it is to make kombucha, and how easy it is to flavor with fresh seasonal produce.  I also think it will be a great cocktail mixer, much like fruit syrups and vinegar are used to make a shrub.

The class only ended an hour ago, so I don’t have results to post yet, but I’m heading home to start brewing (I hope my roommate doesn’t mind me raiding the ample tea repository she has set up in our pantry),  and I will be sure to takes some pretty pictures, do some research and post a tutorial soon.

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  1. JOY?
    Are you sure you’re still talking about kombucha?
    Ack horf * wildly dramatic death throes that focus on choking *

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