My Handmade Muddlers

While I was back in Vermont for the holidays, I spent a good deal of time in the carpentry shop with my dad, as I always try to do when I visit.  I’ve been wanting to get some time on the lathe, and thought, “what simpler and more practical project than to make cocktail muddlers? Here is a selection of the muddlers I made.

I had a blast, and with what they are charging for muddlers these days (the PUG is now $40!), I think I may go into the muddler business, if I can find a shop space here in San Francisco.

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  1. Which one is for me?
    Wonder if Workshop has woodworking tools?
    Why not your big beautiful concrete backyard? You know, when the typhoon passes.
    WAIT! OMG, you love me SOOOO MUCH:

  2. Hello Quinn,

    Just wondering if you got to start your muddler business and if so, where could I checked them out.


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