I hate single-use kitchen gadgets (hot dog slicers, corn strippers, pizza shears, anything from Skymall), but so many bar tools are limited in what they can do.

I certainly am not advocating a swiss army-style cocktail tool, and yes, that really does exist. There’s nothing useful about ten bulky tools crammed into one with all utility sacrificed for the sake of compactness, like the monstrosity on the right, but there is room for expanded functionality for some standard, single-purpose bar tools.

My new favorite is the Microplane Stainless-Steel Citrus Bar Tool, which combines a speed-key bottle opener format with a grater/zester and channel knife (used for cutting a twist from citrus peel). The only downside is losing the speed-pour pulling ring on the back end, which really only matters to a professional. For home enthusiasts, or if you are throwing a cocktail party for friends, this tool is a fantastic way to to improve efficiency, save space and a few bucks. The item is less than $20 at Williams-Sonoma.

Anyone else have favorite multi-purpose or otherwise innovative bar tools?



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