My Next Cocktail Competition is this Wednesday

I got bored this week and started entering cocktail competitions. Every entry form that didn’t ask for a place of employment (because I haven’t worked at a bar in a decade), I submitted. The first to invite me is this Wednesday at Osha Thai on the Embarcadero, and will feature my homemade raspberry kombucha.

It’s going to be a snap, because kombucha is the best mixer! It has a distinctly herbaceous tea flavor, plus naturally balanced acidity and additional sweetness. It’s every part of a cocktail except the hard stuff, so all I need to do is add a dash of bitters, shake it with booze and ice, and call it a day. Kombucha is a lot like the base for a traditional punch recipe. I imagine everyone else will be measuring and stirring, grinding and zesting, while I am just pouring.

The only real work is figuring out the math. I am supposed to make 3 gallons of my bright pink concoction, and each 3-ounce drink requires a dash of bitters (3 gallons is 384oz / 3 ounces per drink = 128 dashes at 36 dashes per ounce) so I need to add 3.5 ounces to the pot.

Maybe I will carbonate the vodka or something.

This competition is sponsored by Absolut Vodka, everyone’s favorite spirit, but for those of you with different tastes, I promise to have a nip of Louisville’s finest on hand for you. Just ask me… discretely.  Actually, request the “Kentucky Kombucha” and give me a wink.

I would love to see you all there (especially since the crowd votes), and if we haven’t met before, stop by my station and introduce yourself!


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  1. Is the “everyone’s favorite spirit” line supposed to link to someone rolling their eyes or laughing hysterically, or was it a requirement for entrance into the competition?

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