The launch event for Portland Cocktail Week was an amazing 4-course dinner at Spints Ale House last night with 5 paired cocktails (my math may not be so good).

We started with an exceptional aperitif (galliano, cocchi americano and sanbitter with a twist of lemon) that took me out of my head and into the moment as I walked into the bar.

We were eventually ushered back into the dining room where we were served a floral gin cocktail paired alongside a watercress bisque and salad, followed by a rum drink and scallop ceviche, which took my back out of the moment and into my head, pondering the incredible delicacy and balance of the petite but satisfying dish.

The main course was a cocktail made of aged tequila and Mexican brandy , paired with a smoked pig cheek and pork belly spatzle that I never wanted to end, and then a bread pudding and bourbon cocktail that I may have just been too full to fully appreciate, but it was tasty nonetheless.

Spints has never failed to send me off fully satisfied, so if you’re ever in Portland…

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