Quinn for the Win

At Tales of the Cocktail, my buddy Roberto and I stumbled into the “Hum Lab” at Hotel Monteleone, which was set up as a laboratory, with a wide array of ingredients and tools for visitors to make and fine-tune cocktails with Hum, and products from Perfect Puree and Preiss Imports.

We were supposed to test out drinks until we made one we loved and then enter the recipe in the contest, but I was in a hurry, so I looked around, scribbled down a recipe out of my head and was out of there in less than 2 minutes, but somehow I won. I’d like to claim to be a genius, but I think I’m more idiot savant.

The Sweeney family recipe for winning cocktail recipe contests:

  • Include generous amounts of at least 2 featured products
  • Base your creation on a classic cocktail ingredient ratio
  • Avoid products that would make bartenders cringe
  • Don’t make the process so complicated that people won’t want to make it at home.
  • Make it brightly colored (Hum is great because it’s fuchsia when diluted, and from hibiscus, not artificial colors)
  • Carbonate if possible.  Everyone loves bubbles.

Perfect Puree Press Release:

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  1. * like *
    I just saw Hum for the first time the other day and was excited by the color possibilities – especially since hibiscus flavored drinks (jamaica) are big down here, South of the Border like.

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