Send Quinn to Chile

Xplorador is sending someone *cough*pick me*cough* to Chile to experience the harvest and production of their wines.   A buddy shot this video while I was standing outside a bar last night, so I’m throwing my gorro into the ring.

I’d been out late with friends, so pardon the rambling, but I still believe that I am the the ideal candidate.  As you can see from the rest of my site, I love to explore adult beverages and share them with the world through my writing, photos and video.  I’m articulate, without being too obnoxious, and above all, I am passionate about what I drink, from harvest to pour. I’d love to be able to tell everyone back in the States what the vineyards and wineries of Chile are like from the everyday normal guy perspective.

YouTube Preview Image

As an added bonus. I promise not to use the word “opportunity” ever again, since I entirely wore it out in this video.

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  1. Did you know that gorro means “bonnet” or “glengarry” in Portugese?
    You’re such a dandy.

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