Seriously Wild Turkey?

I get the most absurd promotional emails from Wild Turkey, or at least the flacks they hired.  My favorite line until today was, “Wild Turkey is the official bourbon of Thanksgiving,” because last I knew, Thanksgiving was a federal holiday, and I haven’t seen an executive order endorsing or authorizing this whiskey’s holiday status.

Today I got another great one, a Thanksgiving “punch” recipe whose ingredients are listed: Wild Turkey 101, ice and a punch bowl.  Nothing says grateful like a fish bowl full of over-proof whiskey and a ladle!

I have to wonder why these cockamamie schemes persist when Wild Turkey makes some great products. I like the 101, and Russell’s Reserve Six Year Old Rye and Ten Year Old Bourbon, not to mention Kentucky Spirit and barrel strength Rare Breed are all excellent specimens of American Whiskey.

Don’t tell me to pour a handle of high-octane bourbon into a punch bowl.  It’s insulting, and a waste of time, not to mention one more dish to clean on Thanksgiving.

Public Service Announcement:

Enough Thanksgiving meals around this great nation end in tears, yelling, or a righteous left hook (Sorry, Uncle Tom) so let’s make our holiday punches the right way, “1 part sour, 2 parts sweet, 3 of strong, and 4 of weak.”

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  1. I love mnemonic devices. They’re helpy.
    (I totally tried spelling mnemonic “pneumonic” for a second – like they’re either sickly or great for my hood ride hydraulics. . . )

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