Soda Siphon Shenanigans

At Tales of the Cocktail, I went to a session on Mixologists and their Toys, and after the first two presenters both talked at length on making sodium alginate sphericals (clearly they didn’t coordinate), the 3rd presenter demonstrated his new cocktail carbonating invention, the Perlini.

During the Q&A I grabbed the mic and asked why you couldn’t do the same thing with a soda siphon, which has been around since the 1850’s.  Well, everyone must love a smartass, because without knowing who I was, the VP of iSi walked over two minutes later, placed her card in front of me and told me to drop her a line so she could send me one.

In December, I mentioned that I had all sorts of plans for soda siphon experiments, but I lacked the equipment at the time and so it slipped my mind, but I am back at it now that my shipment has arrived and iSi makes the best product I have tried.

Carbonated Cocktails

Why dilute with soda or sparkling wine when you want bubbles in your glass?  As long as you are dealing with straight spirits, and nothing sugary enough to gum up the works, pour a batch of cocktails into the siphon and shake it up. (Note, I was reprimanded for putting anything other than water in the siphon, but reminded that an iSi whip cream whipper will take CO2 cartridges in place of the usual nitrous, and is probably a better suited tool for the task at hand.)

Fizz Gin

A gin fizz takes on a whole new kick when you leave out the water and carbonate the gin before adding simple syrup and lemon juice. sparkling sangria, sparkle-rita, bubble-tini


I hate anything ending in -tini that isn’t an actual martini, but why not just pour your gin into the siphon and carbonate it before adding it to a vermouth laced glass?

For Bubbles’ Sake

Everybody else is doing a tribute to MJ, but what about the monkey?  There are a few sparkling sakes on the market, but I have yet to try a good one, so I threw a favorite bottle of daigingo into the iSi and gave it a whirl.  へえ、それは良かったね!

Carbonated Pineapple

Just because your drink is flat, it doesn’t mean the garnish needs to be.  I loaded a batch of fresh pineapple chunks into the whipper with a CO2 cartridge, and when I had expelled the resulting pineapple foam and unscrewed the cap, the fruit inside was actually effervescent!

I am sure I will be doing more with this in the near future, but for now, I want to relate what I have been up to so far.

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  1. Hello Quinn,

    next CEO here talking to you, but this time from a very tiny manufacture based in Munich, Germany.

    We specialise on high quality soda siphons: either soda siphons, 80 years old and restored by hand or soda siphons completely made of stainless steel (even the head).

    I’d love to send you one as well, so you can see how much better than a isi soda siphon it can get, but as a small company I unfortunately don’t have the budged to do so. If you have any other ideas, drop me a line.


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