If you are in San Francisco this weekend and looking for something to do, check out SpeedRack, the touring female bartender competition that’s raising money for breast cancer research.

The last time I attended SpeedRack was in Portland, and I can vouch that it’s a rowdy, raunchy and a raucous good time. Tickets are only $20 ($25 at the door), so come cheer on your favorite local cocktail-maker. If you aren’t in SF, check their site to see when SpeedRack might be coming to your city.


WHEN:           Sunday, Feb 24, 2013 3– 7pm (website says Feb 24, 2012 in places, but don’t be fooled)
WHERE:       The Chapel, 777 Valencia Street, San Francisco
WHY:       Watch skilled, gorgeous bartenders, imbibe excellent drinks, save some boobs
WHO: a great list of competitors, many of whom are personal friends, so I can’t say who I want to win.

  • Alicia Walton – Elixir, Bloodhound, Momo’s (San Francisco)
  • Allison Webber – Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen (San Francisco)
  • Ashley Curren – Rickhouse (San Francisco)
  • Claire Sprouse – Tradition (San Francisco)
  • Danielle Marchant –Monarch (San Francisco)
  • Jen Ackrill – Rye (San Francisco)
  • Jennifer Colliau – Slanted Door (Berkeley, CA)
  • Julie Thompson – Rye (San Francisco)
  • Kate Bolton – Maven (San Francisco)
  • Keli Rivers – Hotsy Totsy Club (San Francisco)
  • Kim Gooden – Tradition (San Francisco)
  • Kim Rosselle – Flora/ Fauna (Oakland, CA)
  • Lauren Steele – Hook & Ladder, Lowbrau (Sacramento)
  • Leilani Vella – Nopa, Lolinda, Absinthe (San Francisco)
  • Lucia Gonzales – Prizefighter (Oakland, CA)
  • Megan Silsbee – Nopa (San Francisco)
  • Michaela Leah King – Cantina (San Francisco)
  • Rhachel Shaw – Tradition, Local Edition (San Francisco)
  • Victoria George – Rickhouse, AQ Restaurant & Bar (San Francisco)
  • Vita Simone Strauss – Dogwood, The New Easy (Oakland, CA)

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