Cocktail Cake

The complexity of a cocktail doesn’t always translate well into food, but I’ve found a reliable medium in the form of classic pound cake. As summer is winding down and there is a ton of fresh fruit at the market, I have been breaking these out more often. It’s simple even if you’re not a […]

Wisdom of My Father

This is my first Father’s Day as a dad, and my parents just came out to visit from Vermont to meet the baby and spend some time with me in San Francisco. Along with sound advice on parenting and relationships, my father dropped some cocktail wisdom on me when I took my folks out to […]

Holiday Cocktail Party in Vermont (with Hot Punch Recipe)

I’ve been tasked with bringing my cocktail knowledge back to Vermont this month, where I can attest, a good drink is scarcer than hen’s teeth, as they say in the Northeast, and finding a bottle of Fernet Branca is harder than Chinese algebra (another favorite Vermont colloquialism).  My parents have asked me to play bartender […]

BLTini: Bestialized Little Tipple

Inspired by the Carnivorous Cocktails seminar at Tales of the Cocktail, I started Sunday brunch with the BLTini, a sandwich in a glass. I like my BLTs on potato bread, so I opted for vodka over gin, squeezed the bejeezus out of a gorgeous heirloom tomato, then decided that lettuce was lame and so opted […]