Tales 2010

It’s time again for Tales of the Cocktail, the world’s biggest bartender convention. It’s going to be absurdly hot and humid, the parties are going to be outrageous, and I will get to learn a lot about booze.

If you are going for the first time, here are my tips:

1. You won’t pay for many drinks while you are here, so tip well when you can.

2. Make friends with the PR girls.  They like to pick up the tab for dinner.

3. Grab a spare cardboard box when you get the chance (you will end up with at least 300 airline sized bottles and a few larger, 15 branded muddlers, 7 new t-shirts, and you will probably score more and better swag than that.  I travel there carry-on only, and pack up a box to check on the way home.  They have packing tape at the airline desk, so don’t bother buying a roll).

4. Arrive a couple days early or leave a couple days late.  There will not be time during Tales to see the sights.

If you would like to stalk me, here’s my calendar:

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