Sometimes I forget that there are at least three of you who aren’t my Facebook friends, and thus probably haven’t heard from me about UrbanDig.

It’s a fantastic, free  iPhone app (Android coming soon) that supplies very specific urban tours. Rather than digging around on Yelp, trying to figure out where to go, you can find a carefully curated short-list of locales that will surely suit your fancy. There are tours for eating, drinking, shopping and for each city’s hidden gems. Each list is crafted by a local writer and offer concise advice and insider knowledge to help you make the most of your experience, and it is great for locals and tourists alike.

Full disclosure (well, more like bragging): I curated the craft cocktail tour of San Francisco, so if you are looking for a great drink in the city, check out my “Crafty Sips” tour (then order me a drink and let me know where to meet you).


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