Wine Purse, Where’s My Bourbon Briefcase?

Recently released by the Scandinavian Design Center, the Baggy Winecoat is a poorly named purse that holds the internal bag from boxed wine with a convenient pour spout and sturdy base for fashionable picnic drinking.

In this age of Mad Men mimicry, when we can’t all keep a fully stocked bar in the office, I think now is the time for stylish, discrete liquor luggage. Wouldn’t it be great to show up to a party, or invite colleagues into your office on a Friday afternoon, with three bottles discretely stashed in your stylish briefcase with built in taps? I’ll probably have to design and build by own bottle bag, because I haven’t seen what I seek on the market yet.

Please post comments below on the features you would like to see.

Design notes for future project development:

  • Classic style in wood and leather.
  • Include a secret compartment to hide documents, so nobody realizes I have to do real work occasionally.
  • The apothecary bottles common to bourbon would be a great fit; flatter and more square than wine bottle shape most often used for spirits.
  • Low profile buttons at base for discrete dispensing.

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  1. It would be nicer if there was space for some vermouth and a drip dropper for the bitters of your choice, so you can have a Manhattan case!

  2. How about stacking them so that the taps alternates front and back and on the other side of the bottles have a Styrofoam liner for ice and then an area for cups on the top?

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